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Liquid Motion provides comprehensive Underwater Film, Art & Media Services for television, broadcast media, corporate, commercial, advertising, celebrity and private clients all over the globe.

Throughout the companies 30 year history, it has produced landmark footage and films for private clients, global corporations, advertising campaigns and television. It has thousands of hours of underwater footage, numerous documentaries, feature films and commercials to its credit.

Clients range from fast-growing start-ups to Fortune 100 corporations, Independent Film Producers & Brand Advertisers, to the worlds leading TV Broadcasters.

Powerful, high profile films, Art and tailor-made footage have won hundreds of prestigious awards.




At the core of Liquid Motion's long-term success are strong, innovative partnerships with a wide range of the worlds leading brands.

The companies modest size enables internationally acclaimed Filmmakers & Artists to work in close partnership with their clients, to develop customised, finely targeted films for critical company goals.

Tailor-made solutions and personal services are designed to meet each clients unique objectives and goals.




Liquid Motion unites creativity with technology to ignite imaginations and push the boundaries of what entertainment can be.

From inception-to-completion, the team collaborates closely with its clients to create an end product they love, stories that connect people to brands, and images that reach target audiences on a profound, emotional level.

Our primary focus is providing the highest level of customer service so that the rapidly evolving requirements and expectations of our clients and partners are always exceeded.

Regardless of your company's' size, if you are looking for world-class, powerful, inspiring imaging, we guarantee results.





Absolutely striking photography, from a unique and different perspective"...
(International Wildlife Film Festival Montana, USA)

"Uniquely lovely footage and a huge experience of the marine environment and its animals"
(Doug Allen, UW CInematographer, BBC/Blue Planet)

"Liquid Motion are Experts of far-reaching creativity. They are great listeners and brainstormers, true collaborators to help clarify a vision. They are willing to experiment, meet precise Filmmaking skills and achieve better results than I could have ever expected.”

“The Liquid Motion team are true masters at their craft and incredibly responsible and kind, the best! I highly recommend Liquid Motion for land and sea shoots. You will be thrilled with the experience”…
(Colleen Flanigan, Director, The ZOE Project)

liquid motion film NOAA

"Some of the most beautiful and unusual work we’ve seen…"
(Gail Krueger, NOAA)

liquidmotionfilm cannes

"These filmmakers are truly producing films ‘from the heart’. The Producers are sincere, the films emotive, powerful and beautiful - I feel such strong emotion for the stories they create"
(International Film Festival Detmold, Germany)

liquid motion film scubapro uwatec

"Your films are truly fabulous, I can't believe how unique and unusual they are!. I get a bit complacent looking at underwater footage after so many years, but these blow me away - amazing".... (Andy Shears, SCUBAPRO Uwatec Ltd)

liquid motion film wonderfly films the big swim

"Truly world class cinematographers.I was impressed by their ability to train and work with my actors to ensure their safety, as well as capture the most beautiful, choreographed cinematography and dramatic elements needed to fulfill the story of a film underwater. The footage is beautiful and they also gave us a lot to work with. They took my shot list and direction very well and managed to get everything we needed from an unpredictable environment, including shooting my actress with bull sharks! I will definitely work with them again and highly recommend them to any film production company"... (Kat Green, Director, LA, Wonderfly Film)






As our client, you benefit from 30 years of experience and success in underwater filmmaking, broadcast movie production, global advertising campaigns and film shoots for corporate leaders, and an unparalleled knowledge of diving, marine biology and working in the aquatic environment.

30 years experienced, accomplished, awarded Underwater Cinematographers, Cameramen & Underwater DOPs

20 years proven success in the broadcast, media and entertainment Industry

Lifetime experience of diving, marine biology and wet work

Fully-equipped to shoot and edit powerful underwater footage in any aquatic environment

Expert advise


Underwater Film Services include:

Custom Underwater Film Shoots for Motion Picture, TV & Broadcast Media, Independent Producers, Corporate & Private Clients

Dynamic Underwater Commercial & Advertising Shoots

Creative Direction - ensuring the clients vision reaches a desired audience, is achieved, on time, on budget.

Full-service, Award-Winning Underwater Director of Photography

Underwater Cinematographer / Underwater Cameramen

Experienced Underwater Models / Safety Divers

Custom footage shoot - license or 'Work for Hire' / Library Footage

Social Media Creation - Underwater Cinematography, Photography, Art & Film Production for Marketing - Innovative, engaging media campaigns for all audiences.

Sponsored non-profit campaigns, PSAs, Corporate & NGO Advertising shoots

Themed CCT movies for businesses, hotels, restaurants, tourism*

Post-Production Services - Editing, Colour Grading, Sound Design, Narration, Footage enhancement, Film Creation

Marine & Location Logistics & Coordination


Technological Excellence - Creative Thinking - Artistic Success


Technological excellence, creative thinking and artistic vision are our framework. Inspiration, Visual Enlightenment, and a personal, customized experience are our guarantee.

"From niche startups to underwater movie scenes, high-profile advertising shoots to concept and strategies, Liquid Motion has a proven history of delivering highest quality, powerful productions, on time and within budget, 'made to measure' for a diverse, international clientele".....


Express your vision - Deepen your communication - Tell your story





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